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If you decide not to do this now…..

May I gently ask: “What’s your plan B, what will you do instead?”

  • Crack the whip?
  • Tutoring?
  • Drugs?

When you’ve got a leaky tub on your hands, there’s nothing much else that you can do. And it’s expensive…it costs for any ineffective–because of perceptual issues–tutoring, medications, attorneys, and counselors for the emotional consequences upon the child’s self-esteem — that last one most of all.

The S-O-S core of the treatment plan that we use is researched — it attacks the actual problems, it doesn’t just whitewash the symptoms — and has been around so long that this is no longer a test of if it works, but instead, will it be done?

TLC is twice as effective (with an 80% resolution rate in just 6 months), and half as expensive as any other approach because we’re identifying and fixing the holes in the tub. (Plus, it is frequently covered by insurance.) It is a truly clinical solution for many, many learning problems. If you’ve looked at the parents’ reports, you can see that it changes and blesses lives all the time.

Think about it….

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