Q. What causes learning problems?

A. Learning problems have no one simple cause. There are physical factors, disease factors, environmental factors, emotional factors, and a few other lesser causes. One thing is for sure: there is NO brain that absolutely cannot learn. The difference between brains is the skill and the rate at which any particular brain can learn, no matter why it has been slowed from the outset. The S-O-S program very distinctly appears to change the rate of learning.

Q. How does the Learning Clinic S-O-S program differ from other methods?

A. Schools generally approach learning problems as a matter of a lack of information and therefore try to just practice and spend more time on task to drill on it. Learning problems, however are only rarely a “content” problem. Most all of them are learning skills problems, however, and pouring time, money and effort into any “leaky tub”  will not gain the results that rebuilding the needed cognitive skills does.

Q. Aren’t there other proven neurocognitive/cognitive skills methods?

A. Yes, but others (such as the Bellefonds System and the NILD Discovery Program) distinctly say that they take a longer time or require very time-intensive effort. Our parents report an average of about 74% change in twelve weeks, and 83% change in 18 weeks doing at least five 30-minute sessions per week at home.

Q. Where was the program researched? Why is it not being used in schools?

A. The core of the S-O-S program was developed at the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh between 1966-73 and published in several different forms. Because it is not academically required by the state, and not topical in format, school personnel have not been encouraged to adopt it.

Q. What about costs?

A. The S-O-S program requires a 4 1/2 hour workup and consultation. Therapy occurs weekly for an hour, when that is needed (about 80% of the time). This makes us the least expensive, most effective clinical program for remedying learning problems. Most national tutoring programs run $6000-$15,000 per year, (the NILD Discovery Program can run $4500 per year additional tuition at some schools and requires a three year commitment). The S-O-S program is a fraction of that and can be reimbursed by medical insurance in many cases.

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