(The sermon on the amount):

Due to the frequent clerical delays that are so prevalent in the insurance industry in regard to these unique services, we do not participate in any insurances. We will assist you in the submissions and any appeal process. 4 out of 5 parents do receive reimbursement, on the average, after appeals. Because these services are unique, there is good reason for requesting approval at a high level, out-of-network reimbursement level.

Most nationally-based tutoring runs $6,000-12,000 per year. Bellefonds was over $5,000 six years ago. Fast ForWord is generally done at the school district level and is at least as expensive as the others. Skills programs like Brain Balance runs $6000.00 or more a year. Perceptual-motor therapy generally runs $4000-$6000.00 per year, and often does not take a full year.

The Learning Clinic historically was a fraction of those fees, about 1/2 of the lower ranges. This is not a matter of competition, but strictly the effectiveness of the S-O-S method — it just doesn’t take a lot of office time (which makes a lot less adrenaline being spent by everybody at home!). We will provide the family with HCFA-1500 forms and appropriate documents and appeal letters, as needed.

Looking forward to assisting you in the healing of your child or yourself.

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