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Curriculum Vitae – 2017

Curriculum Vitae 

Merrill D. Bowan, O.D. 1270 Washington Road, #201

Pittsburgh, PA 15241 Phone: 412-831-5255 Fax: 724-339-0647




Licensures: 1965, Pennsylvania, Diagnostic phamaceutically certified.

Education: 1965, Illinois College of Optometry

B.S. in Optometry

Doctor of Optometry

1960-62, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA: Pre-optometric studies.

Member, Optometric Extension Program, 1965-2005, 2011-2014.



1972 – 2016, Private practice.

2003 – 2004, Multidisciplinary practice, AVID Learning, New Kensington, PA.

1994 – 2003, Associate practice, J.S. Justin O.D. and Associates. 1992 – 1994,

Effective Learning Institute, Director of Perceptual Therapy. 1969 – 1972,

Associate practice,  Jerome Rosner, O.D.  and  Bernard Mallinger, O.D. Oakmont PA. 1966 – 1969,

Medical Service Corps, U.S. Navy. 1965 – 1966,

Associate practice, Milton J. Eger, O.D., Aliquippa PA.



1997 – 2010, Editorial review board, Annals of Ophthalmology. 1999: Give the Gift of Sight professional team member. Lions Club and Lenscrafters Foundation project, Mexico. 1992-1994,

Co-founder and Director of Perceptual Services at the Effective Learning Institute, a not-for profit multidisciplinary developmental visual and sensorimotor remedial center. Green Tree, PA. 1978 – 1983:

Consultant to the Title I funded perceptual program at The Bradley Center, Dorseyville, PA.

1972 – 1974: Chairman of the Visual Development and Training Committee of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association. 1970-1972:

Director of perceptual training, Pace School, school for learning disabled, McKeesport, PA.



All Visual Exams are not Created Equal. Feature article/ Opinion. ODWire August 5, 2016. accessed 4/7/2017.

Does teaching the brain to analyze and reproduce diagonal lines change perceptual performance? Presentation at the 58th Kraskin Invitational Skeffington Symposium. Bethesda, Maryland. January 19-21, 2013

Ocular Manifestations in Children With Cerebral Palsy. Sanjay Marasini, B Optom; Nabin Paudel, B Optom; Pradash Adhikari, B Optom; Jyoti Baba Shrestha, MD; Merrill D. Bowan, OD. Optom Vis Devel Vol 42:3/11.

Microprism Application in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Series Report. (in rewrite for Optometry. January 2014.)

Textual Visual Aliasing: Addressing the problem of mirages of text. (conditionally accepted, Optometry. In rewrite, 2014)

Objective Support of Optometric Intervention in Traumatic Brain Injury. Poster.6th International Congress on Behavioral Optometry, Ontario CA. 4/11/10 (Online at: . Last accessed 2/28/2014.)

Optometric Interventions in PPCS/PPTVS, MD Bowan, Publ. 2009.

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Clinical Aspects of the Visual Aliasing Syndrome. Presentation at the 53rd Kraskin Invitational Skeffington Symposium. January 19-21, 2008.

NeuroOptics: the radical impact of plus lenses and microprisms upon the brain and the body. MD Bowan, Publ. 2007.

The Visual Aliasing Syndrome. Presentation at the 50th Kraskin Invitational Skeffington Symposium. January 15-17, 2005.

The Myopia about Nearsightedness. MD. Bowan, Publ. 2005.

The Aliasing Syndrome. MD. Bowan, Publ. 2005.

ADD/ADHD: A symptom in search of a diagnosis. MD Bowan, Publ. 2005.

Point-Counterpoint: Only the optometrist should be permitted to perform subjective refraction. Review of Optometry, September 15, 2004. (Online at: Last accessed 2/28/2014.)

The Mind’s Eye. MD. Bowan, Publ. 2004.

Putting the Neuro in Developmental Optometry. Presentation at the 49th Kraskin Invitational Skeffington Symposium. January 17-20, 2004.

Introducing the binocular Dissonance Test. Presentation at the 65th Middle Atlantic Optometric Congress, Sept 20-21, 2003. Monroeville, PA.

The Puzzling Power of Plus and Prism. Transcript of the 48th Kraskin Invitational Skeffington Symposium. January 16-19, 2003.

“Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Vision: A Subject Review”: a rebuttal,

literature review and commentary. (Optometry 2002;73:553-75). (Online at: Last accessed 2/28/2014)

Learning Problems are BRAIN Problems: What Neurology, Optometry, Psychology, Education and Psychiatry Have in Common; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1999.

Vision as it integrates with the other senses; Monograph chapter in OEP Foundation post-graduate curriculum, Vol. 40(2):1-10, Dec. 1999.

A Perceptual-Motor Model of Language; submitted for publication, J. Behavioral Optom., 1999. The Cure for Nearsightedness; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1999.

Differential Diagnostic Questions to be Answered to Determine the Roles of Vision and Perception in the Efficacy of Learning; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1999.

Neurodevelopmental Optometry: the difference between sight and vision; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1999.

Preventing Refractive Error: What’s a Doctor to Do?; Workshop presentation, 3rd International Congress of Behavioral Optometry, Washington, DC, May 1-4, 1998. (Available as tape WS-4, OEP Foundation, Santa Ana, CA.)

What’s in a Name? Guest Editorial, J. of Behavioral Optometry, Vol. 9/1998, No. 1. (Online at: Last accessed 2/28/2014.)

Learning Success and the Role of Neurodevelopmental Optometry; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1998.

Accommovergence: A New (?) Unifying Theory of Accommodation and Convergence; Transcript of the 42nd Kraskin-Skeffington Symposium on Vision, OEP Foundation, Santa Ana, CA, 1998.

Perceptual Problem Checklist: Categorized by Related Perceptual and Visual Skill Areas; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1996.

Stress and Eye: New Speculations on Refractive Error; J. Behavioral Optom. 7(5)115-22, 1996. (Online at: Last accessed 2/28/2012.)

Learning and the Visual Process: the role of applied visual behavior in cognition and attention. Transcript of the 40th Skeffington Invitational Symposium, OEP Foundation, Santa Ana, CA, 1995.

The Missing Link in the Four Circles of Vision, or, It’s Time, for a Change; Transcript of the 37th Skeffington Invitational Symposium, Caryl Croisant Transcripts, OEP Foundation, Santa Ana, CA, 1992.

The OTHER Causes of Attention Deficit Disorders; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1992. Nutritional Considerations in Learning Problems; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1992.

Motivation in Learning, What’s a Teacher to DO?; MD Bowan, Publ., Oakmont, PA, 1992.

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Refractive Error and Personality Style; Transcript of the 36th Skeffington Invitational Symposium, Optometric Extension Program, Santa Ana, CA, 1991.

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2013: The Speed of Vision. Presentation to Pittsburgh Region Mensa Society Regional Gathering, Mensa Society, August 31-September 2, 2013.

2011: The Birds and Bees of Vision: what your mama (and eye doc) didn’t tell you. Pittsburgh Region Mensa Society Regional Gathering, Radisson Green Tree, Pittsburgh PA. September 2-4, 2011.

2010: Seeing in new dimensions: a series of new discoveries in vision science (and the unexpected problems encountered communicating them). Pittsburgh Region Mensa Society Regional Gathering, Radisson Green Tree, Pittsburgh PA. September 3-5, 2010.

2009: Microprism: a new treatment modality in persistent post-concussive syndrome (…an unexpected response). HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Harmarville. Harmarville, PA. August 14, 2009.

2009: Autism: What’s a Body to DO? Pittsburgh Autism Society. Mt Lebanon, PA. January 25, 2009.

2008: Autism: What’s a Body to DO? Excela Health Care Systems, Greenburg PA. March 9, 2008.

2008: VT 101: Ramping up to the next level in Optometry. Hudson Valley Optometric Society. October 8. West Point, NY.

2008: VT 101: Ramping up to the next level in Optometry. San Diego County Optometric Society, May 18. San Diego CA.

2007: VT 101: Ramping up to the next level in Optometry. Connecticut Association of Optometrists 100th annual program, Mohegan Sun Resort, January 26-28, Uncasville, CT.

2005: Brains, Vision, Educators, and Children’s Learning. Master’s in Education Program, Carlow University.

1999: Vision, Brains and Learning; Three Rivers Reading Council, Pittsburgh, PA. 1993 – 1998: The Role of Vision Development in Learning; Duquesne University – in both the reading department and department of special education. 1994:

Accommodating the Learning Disabled in Academic Settings; Penn Technical Institute, Pittsburgh, PA. 1992 – 1993: Learning Styles in the Classroom; The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 1992:

Vision and Vision Safety in the Workplace; Alcoa Research Center, New Kensington, PA. 1991: Nutrition, Vision, and Learning; Penn State University, Monroeville campus. 1974:

Visual Screening; Workshop at the Tri-State Conference on Reading, Duquesne University.



2007: Could Low Plus Lenses and Prisms Ease Your Mind? with Nicolina Dinardi, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, Seton-LaSalle HS, consultant and co-investigator. Winner, 1st Place at local and state competition.

1998 – 2000: The RAMS (Recognizable, Angular Accuracy, Motoric Accuracy, Size Accuracy) Spatial Conceptualization Test (A test of visual-motor equivalency and visual-spatial motor skills); co-investigator, unpublished. 2000:

The Relationship of Visual-Motor Skills to Reading and Math Achievement Scores, a Comparison of Standardized Measures; co-investigator, unpublished. 2000-2006:

Myopia Control in One Extended Family: a Case Study, work in progress. 1992:

The Articulation-Independent Auditory Perception Survey (AIAPS), a battery of nine subtests for determining central auditory processing dysfunction; ready for testing.

1990: The Visual and Perceptual Profiles of a Small Population of Teen-aged and Young Adult Prostitutes. 1988: Achievement Scores in Juvenile Detainees Referred for Visual Screening.



Give the Gift of Sight Team Member Award; LenCrafters Foundation, May, 2000. President’s Service Award; David Brown, CEO, LensCrafters, September 1999.

Appreciation Award, Los Clubes Leones, Acapulco, Mexico, May 1999. Appreciation Award, Los Clubes Leones, Saltillo, Mexico, April, 1999. Certificate of Appreciation,

Vision Resources Project, Pittsburgh PA, October 1996. Certificate of Appreciation, Optometric Extension Program, 50th Anniversary, October 1978.



Mind Time and the Binding Problem in Acquired Brain Injuries: a new consideration of the “When” pathway in normal and abnormal states. Lecture in preparation, 2012.

Optometric interventions in persistent post-concussive syndrome and whiplash-like Injuries: a Literature Review, work in progress. 2011.

Attention Deficit with and without Hyperactivity Disorder: a Disease of Exclusion, work in progress. 1998.

Changes in qEEG Electophysiological Values with Visual and Perceptual Therapy: a Case Study, work in progress.



The Visual Aliasing Syndrome, a neurophysiological basis for many reading disorders.

The relationship between low-power prism and reading comprehension.

The relationship between exophoria and narcolepsy.

The Relationship Between Exophoria and Intellect.

Physiological Changes Induced by Lenses and Prisms.

Changes in Neural Activity with Visual and Perceptual Therapy.

Personality Styles and Refractive Error: a prospective longitudinal study.

Clinical Therapeutic Changes in Accuracy of Angular Graphical Representations as an Indicator of Academic Achievement: a crossover study.

Refractive Error as Adaptive Stress Disease: the interrelationships with functional and systemic stress. Intended as a longitudinal study.

ADD/ADHD and Convergence Insufficiency: Relationships and Therapeutic Impact. Intended as a longitudinal study.



Schmid, Klaus. The Myopia Manual – 2016 Edition. Online edition: (Last accessed 12/1/2016)

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Stone, Rhonda. The Light Barrier: a Color Solution to Your Child’s Light-based Reading Difficulties. 2002. St. Martin’s Press. 2002.

Forrest, Elliott. Stress and Vision. Optometric Extension Program Foundation. 1988



Widower. Married 50 years to Cynthia (Bacon) Bowan, 5 children.

Member, Riverside Community Church.

Member, development committee, Vision Resources, Pittsburgh PA.

Founding member, Past President, The DoorWay, street kid outreach, Pittsburgh.

Founding member and former Executive Team member, and East Coast Sweep Team executive member, Worldwide Marriage Encounter of Pennsylvania, Presbyterian Expression.

Former voiceover talent, WPIT-FM and ComCast Cable Television.



Selwyn Super, B.Ed., M.Ed, Ed.D. (Psych.) 11928 Kiowa Ave. #101 Los Angeles, CA 90049 310-207-0012

Irwin Suchoff, O.D., D.O.S. SUNY State College of Optometry 100 East 24th Street New York, NY 212-780-4971 Selwyn Super, B.Ed., M.Ed, Ed.D. (Psych.) 11928 Kiowa Ave. #101 Los Angeles, CA 90049 310-207-0012

Paul B. Freeman, O.D. 320 East North Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 412-355-6300

Janice Abrams, Ed.D. Director of Elementary Education Carlow University 3333 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412-578-6015

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